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Success Of Navy Seal Movies Has Hollywood Looking For More

Clint moved here Eastwood is attached as director. ADVERTISEMENT Sources tell FOX411 that Steven Spielberg, who was first attached to direct Kyle's story, as well as Michael Bay, have also been looking at similar projects involving military memoirs. Producer Mark Joseph says there is a growing consensus in Hollywood that films that portray the military positively should be developed and green lit There is an audience for them. Lone http://margrettva.livejournal.com/22467.html Survivor, which struggled initially to secure financing, has gone on to make almost $115 million at the domestic box office, off of an estimated $40 million production budget. 2012s Act of Valor, which was the first of its kind to cast real SEALs as opposed to actors, made more than $70 million domestically from a $12 their website million budget. Luttrell said the difference between a book's reach and a movie's is vast. "No matter how many times http://www.savingsdaily.com/post/im-not-judging-now-farrah-abrahams-devout-christian-father-mike-speaks-out-about-her-porn-video-and-says-he-will-forgive-his-daughter I get up and tell (my story), or how many people read the book, its nothing compared to how many people will watch this film," he said. Retired SEAL Brandon Tyler Webb, the author of the best seller "The Red Circle," and editor-in-chief of SOFREP.com , a site dedicated to Special watch kim kardashian tape Operations news,stressed the importance of striking the fine balance between entertainment and authenticity. It is important to tell these stories and show the sacrifices and give audiences a window into what it is really like, he explained. But it has to be done carefully, because people take what they see or read as the truth. Another recent book release weve learned is generating attention in Hollywood is Eric Blehms bestseller Fearless. It tells the true story of SEAL Team Six operator Adam Brown, who died in combat in 2010.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/02/14/success-navy-seal-movies-has-hollywood-looking-for-more/

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